Thursday, June 6, 2013

I've got sunshine on a cloudy day

*note Sarcasm in use. I am very grateful that I have any Internet at all*
A few weeks ago I was bored at my Father's house, which isn't uncommon due to the tiny amount of Data he has each month for Internet (yes we are still living in the stone age, as dad refuses to get an unlimited usage plan) and my serious YouTube addiction.Therefore I have no way to satisfy my natural hermit instinct to stay in bed all day living vicariously through Vloggers that go out and do stuff. Lets just say that this addiction is so bad that he has now gone to the drastic step of putting one of those parental lock things on the Internet so I cant watch anything on YouTube !!! Geez I mean you use up all the Data in 3 days a hand full of times and suddenly its like the communist regime!WHAT IS LIFE WITHOUT YOUTUBE ????? how will I learn about Cults and Serial Killers If I cant watch awesome Documentaries, or laughing my ass off watching  the stupidest things like "Kung Foo Panda in the food lion parking lot !" HOW ?????

Well anyway after my mini breakdown I resulted to walking up the road and practicing my second favourite past time, Op Shopping or Thrift shopping if your American. I don't know how I lucked out sooo much when my dad moved into this street because right up the road (literally like 900m) away are four charity stores! FOUR! IN THE SAME CENTER! I still cant believe it, and its been like 2 years since we moved in.

I got up, had a shower, got dressed and was rearing to go get some bargains! Now before I go any further I should probably mention that I am the type of person that dresses them self based on their influences and things that have on their mind, weather it be a song  I can't get out of my head, Feeling Nostalgic or someone who inspires me to recreate their style with my own twist. Oh and I get allot of inspiration from images online, in zines, blogs and arty farty  photography websites.

For the past week or so I just couldn't get "My Girl "  by The Temptations out of my head (in the best possible way). And so I just had this urge to dress like a 1950's school girl delinquent. Don't ask me why but whenever I listen to that song I just imagine the romantic story of two juvenile delinquents running around city streets holding hands and laughing in their school uniforms and sitting in a waterfront park on a bench facing each other knees to chest, talking about the need for a societal revolution and what society wants for them and what they want for themselves. How I got that out of "I've got sunshine on a cloudy day,When it's cold outside I've got the month of May" I will never know. Maybe it's the melody ?

Any way here are some photos that I took of my outfit, and some Inspiration in the form of images that I drew from.

I've got sunshine on a cloudy day
When it's cold outside I've got the month of May

 I guess you'd say
What can make me feel this way?

My girl

 Talkin' 'bout my girl

 Shirt - Old school shirt from my high school uniform
Skirt - Thrifted from a Red Cross charity store
Bag - Colette
Shoes - Bought from local markets  

Watch - Asos 
Earrings - Colette
Sunglasses - Unknown 
Necklace - Made in my year 12 Creative Art class

Cya next time

XO Grace 

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