Sunday, June 9, 2013

Thrift Finds

This is a sort of continual post from the previous just showing you what ABSOLUTE STEALS  I got when I visited all four of the Op shops down the road from my house, Red Cross, Lifeline, Asthma foundation and Salvation army. All of these stores are a little pricey compared to others I have been to but when they have sales the regular $6.00 - $12.00 per item prices drop to around $1.00 - $4.00 per piece. So I tend to just buy sale items to save my pennies and get a better deal, unless it is something that I MUST HAVE !!!! Then there is no negotiation. 

I only Picked up four Items this trip because I wasn't looking for anything in particular and I didn't want to blow all my money so I only got some things that I just couldn't leave in the store. 

Steal  1.

This amazing pair of black satin/ Polyester pants with gold embroidered leaf pattern  
believe it or not these babies were on sale for $2.50. I'll probably end up wearing these in the dead of winter because of the material I wont be able to wear them much in the tropical Queensland climate. But I had to have them !!!!

 Steal 2 

This Black trench coat jacket with the most amazing stripes and floral pattern I've seen on the inside of a coat. It also has deep front pockets in the front and a secret pocket inside the left breast.

Steal 3 

This awesome vintage tapestry accordion folio  has green leather trimming and a gold slide clasp on the front. its in amazing condition considering that none of the tapestry is faded or frayed. I got it for a steal for $4.50.

Steal 4

I found this awesome Vintage guess jean jacket in between two packed clothing racks. It's clearly from the 80's from the huge sleeves and the wide set shoulders I'm guessing to compensate for shoulder pads. It was a bargain for $2.00. In the left hand pocket I found six raffle tickets and a single speck of gold glitter. and you know what? I LOVE THEM! Is that weird? well if it is I don't care. I think they add a certain character to the jacket. I like to think that there is a story behind these objects. 

I imagine :
Ruby at the winter carnival standing in front of the Ferris Wheel. She is wearing the denim jacket Jett gave her last year, She waits, her hair is teased and held with gold glitter spray. She's waiting for him to show. They had planned to meet, as they did every year at nine o'clock. But this year it was different. This year as the wheel reached its summit to reveal the dim town lights in the distance, she hoped it would be the last time they looked back to the South. She purchases six tickets, one for each year they had planned to leave as a remembrance of what they had faced together in that time. She fixed her hair, and glanced at her watch, 9.15. placing the tickets in her pocket she sifts through the crowd for Jett. He would never show. 

Well that's what I imagine anyway. 

I love these purchases and I'm so excited to style them later and maybe post them on this blog.

OK time for bed 

XO Grace  

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