Thursday, June 13, 2013

You're Only Lonely

I honestly love Taking photos and just photography in general  but since I cant find any friends that are willing to let me take photos of them I have resorted to taking photos of myself  so that I can practice taking different types of photos. 

So I thought that I would Try and express a number of feelings through an interesting female character. I was trying to convey a feeling of longing and alienation through this collection of photos.

I think the inspiration for this shoot I think came from one of my fave songs

 'Your only lonely' By J.D. Souther 

The clothes that I am Wearing in the photos 
Cropped  Striped loose fit shirt (used tucked in) from Valley Girl 
Black Pleated skirt thrifted from Red Cross Charity store 
DIY Flower Headband
Purple suede Hush puppies

Hope you liked 
XO Grace

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